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Alternate Ways to Visit GovGrid

Last week a few new developments have created the opportunity for people to visit 3D immersive spaces without having to sign up for a special account for one of the solutions or download special software for the other.

Tipodean released the ability to create a browser-based experience and gave people the ability to embed grid access on a website. Here is the page on our site where you can enter our main welcome area if you already have an account:

If you need an account, you can register on our website, and after your account is approved (we need to do this to prevent spammers from getting access), a GovGrid button will appear on this site. By clicking that button, you can register an avatar. Use this avatar name and password on the Tripodean login page.


The other solution is found at By using your existing Facebook login, you can choose to enter the main welcome area of GovGrid at this URL: