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Hypergrid Tutorial

NOTE: A new version of Opensim has been released and many grids have upgraded to different versions since this tutorial was first written. Therefore, what you read below really needs to be updated. Look for an update sometime this month:

One of the benefits of Opensim is the ability to travel between virtual worlds or grids running the Opensimulator software. However the process can seem a little complicated at first.

The basic explanation of how to hypergrid is listed below. You can read through this, but before launching your avatar into hypergrid space, make sure you read the fine print afterwards:

  1. Register an avatar on a grid that has enabled the hypergrid capability. You can find lists of these grids on the websites listed at the bottom of this post.
  2. Once logged into that grid, set a home position.
  3. Click the button on the viewer to bring up the separate chat window (this is the "history" button in Hippo OpenSim Viewer).
  4. Type or paste into chat the hypergrid link to the grid you want to visit. Your link will show up in chat as a clickable link.
  5. Click the link in the chat.
  6. This brings up a teleport window. If the link will work, you will usually see either a map of the sim (Ver 1.0) or a colored circle sim (Ver 1.5 and 1.5 i7).
  7. Click the "Teleport" button on the window that popped up.
  8. If it worked, you should find yourself on the new grid. To go back to your home grid, just go to the menu and choose "Teleport Home."


Even though this sounds simple, there are a few other things you need to know before heading off on your hypergridding adventures.

Hypergrid Versions

Recent upgrades to the software have left grids running different versions of the software. Because the hypergrid capability is not compatible between versions, travel can only take place between grids running the same versions. From what I can tell, there are three versions out there: 1.0, 1.5, and 1,5 i7. So, if you are on a grid running version 1.0, you can only hypergrid to other grids running version 1.0. If you want to see the worlds running other versions, you will need to create an avatar on a grid running the other versions.

Hypergrid Distance Limitations

Grids are created in different locations of virtual space, usually at coordinates ranging from (1,000/1,000) to (10,000/10,000) in the x/y directions. Because of the limitations of the hypergrid capability, avatars can only travel a maximum distance of 4096. So to travel from the very lowest coordinate to the highest, an avatar must first hypergrid to a grid lying between the two extremes. (If you have gone too far from your home grid, the Teleport Home button will not work.)

Hypergrid Fails

Sometimes for reasons unknown to me, hypergrid travel does not work. What I have found is that you can sometimes get to a place better from one grid than another. I had really good luck traveling between the grids on version 1.5 when starting from the GermanGrid or Virtyou Grid. Some grids I never could hypergrid to or out of even though they are listed as having hypergrid enabled. 

So as you head off to explore, remember to only travel within your version, don't try to hypergrid too far all at once, and if you can't get somewhere try going another direction.

To help get a handle on just where you can go and how to get there, I have set up a spreadsheet and created a map. If a grid was listed as hypergrid enabled, but I could not hypergrid in or out, I kept it in the spreadsheet as "greyed out," but left it off the map. If you know of any grids I missed, send me an email at, and I can add it.

The map idea came about after reading a blog post by John "Pathfinder" Lester. John runs the Hypergrid Adventurers Club which is based on the Jokaydia Grid. (The hypergrid link to his place is in the spreadsheet.) For those of you hesitant about trying out hypergridding on your own, you can join a hypergrid tour group led by John. His site has a calendar of when tours take place.

The following sites were used as references for this post and contain more detailed information about the hypergrid capability: