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Below are landscaping objects for use in virtual worlds. Just click the photo to begin the download of the zipped file. Then find the file on your computer and unzip it. You can then use a viewer such as Imprudence to import the XML file of the object. These items are offered with no guarantees or support. 

These items are also offered under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License. The license understanding is that you can use these items in any of your virtual builds for personal or commercial use. You can give the individual items away for free, but cannot sell them at a cost. The attribution is not necessary, but you cannot give the items away individually under a different name or brand in a manner that makes people think they have been created by someone else.

Landscaping Items

Columbine Plant Hosta Group
Clematis Vine  Daffodils
 Geranium - Red  Lily Pads
 Tulips - Purple  Tulips - Soft Red
 Tulips - Red and Pink  Pansies - Blue and Pink
 Vases with plants