GovGrid is a site offering information and resources to government agencies interested in working within a virtual environment.

connecting government in the virtual world



Explore Virtual Worlds

Visit GovGrid to explore how 3D, multi-user virtual spaces can be used to enhance delivery of government services. Joining GovGrid is free:

First register using the form on this Website. Indicate your job title, and the agency or company for which you work. A GovGrid administrator will review your registration and approve your site account. At this time we are limiting approvals to those either working in government or people working for companies or non-profits involved in government work.

Once you are an authorized user of the site, the Gridmaster will grant access to the registration form for the Opensim-based GovGrid. This will show up as a button on the right side of the page. (Eventually registration could go public, but for now, as we build out this world, membership is limited to those with a specific interest in government.)


Once you are able to register your avatar, accessing the 3D world of GovGrid requires the use of a free software program, commonly referred to as the viewer. Below is the link to download Hippo OpenSim Viewer, one of the more commonly used clients, and instructions for logging into GovGrid:


  • Download the free, Hippo OpenSim Viewer
  • After installation is complete, open the Hippo viewer
  • At the bottom of the window, click on GRIDS
  • In the center of the top of the dialog box, click on ADD
  • For "Login URI" enter:
  • Type in the Grid Nickname: GovGrid
  • Click Get Grid Info and all the boxes will fill in with the correct information
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK at the bottom of the window
  • Then back in the main Hippo viewer window, type in the first and last name and password you used when you signed up
  • Click Login


It will take a few minutes while your avatar is logged into GovGrid. When you arrive, you can begin exploring.


The main regions in GovGrid contain a welcome area with orientation information, a sandbox for practicing building, a community area with meeting space, and a development region used to showcase uses of virtual worlds for government.