GovGrid is a site offering information and resources to government agencies interested in working within a virtual environment.

connecting government in the virtual world



OpenSim Resources

OpenSimulator Main Website

OpenSource BEST Website - list of tools for 3D creation, scripts, terrain 



GovGrid Texture Store - Download free textures for your use in OpenSim Grids

LiveBrush - Free, Adobe Air-based program 

Repper Patterns - Free, lite version and paid, pro version (Adobe Air based)

Gimp - Free, graphics program

Inkscape - Free, graphics program

WebTreats - Site offering free textures and other awesome graphics for personal/commercial use

 Color Resources

kuler - Develop color themes

Animation Information

Qavimator: Free animation creation software

bvhacker: The Free bvh file editing tool

How to make animations using Blender

Free BVH Files from Animazoo


OpenSim Creations

GovGrid Creations - All objects created by GovGrid are released under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License. Basically it's ok for you to use and modify on personal or commercial projects. You cannot sell the objects individually, but can give them away for free. No attribution is necessary except that you cannot give away items individually under a different brand than GovGrid or in a manner that leads someone to believe you have created them. These objects have been exported using Imprudence. Therefore, to import them, you need to unzip the file then import using the Imprudence viewer



Scripts - OSGrid Forum 


Terrain/OAR Files

KatiJack Studio

OpenSim Worlds



Hypergrid Tutorial

T-shirt Tutorial