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Creating Avatar Eyes for OpenSim

Below is a quick tutorial describing how you can create eyes for your avatar in OpenSim. This tutorial assumes you know how to upload image files using a viewer for OpenSim, and it uses the Hippo Viewer :

First you will need an image of an eye in png or jpg format. The website offers a template for creating the image file. If you have a graphics program and want to learn how to make the image files for eyes, you can join their site and download the template here:

However, I created several images of eyes using the Avatars-3D template for those who either don't have a graphics program or who don't want to spend the time creating the images themselves. You can download a zipped file of the eye images by clicking the image below.

GovGrid Eye Package Download

Once you have the file downloaded, unzip it to somewhere on your computer.

Then log into your favorite OpenSim grid.

Go to your inventory, and at the top of your inventory window, click "Create."

Arrow down to "New Body Parts" and then in the next menu, choose "New Eyes."

This should have created a new object in your inventory named "New Eyes." And it should now be highlighted by your cursor. If not, you can look for it in your inventory.

Right click this new object and choose "Wear."

Then right click yourself and choose "Appearance." This should bring up the Appearance menu.

Click "Eyes" in the left sidebar of the Appearance window. Your appearance window should look like the photo below:

Appearance Menu for Eyes

Now, upload one of the eye image files you either created yourself or downloaded from the file above. (You can upload a file by hitting Ctrl-U and browsing to your file and choosing "open")

After the file is uploaded, you can either drag it onto the box in the appearance window labeled "Iris" or you can click on the box labeled "Iris" and browse in the window that pops up to the eye texture you uploaded.

Your eye texture should now be showing in the box labeled "Iris." Make sure you move the slider for Eye Lightness all the way to the right. Your Appearance window should now look like the image below:

Appearance Menu showing Eye Texture

Then click "Save As..." This brings up a small window where you can type in the name of your new eyes. Then click "Save" on this small window. This should make the small window disappear.

Then finally, click "OK" back on the appearance window, and you now have your new eyes! And you should be wearing them!

If you don't really want to go through the exercise of making your own eyes, you can also just hypergrid over to GovGrid and pick up the box of all the eyes shown above already made. The box is in the red brick building at the south end of Gov Grid 1 (the main welcome sim)

The image files and eyes are released through a Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You don't need to attribute GovGrid and you can give away the eye image files and the eyes, but you cannot sell them or repackage them under your own name or brand.