GovGrid is a site offering information and resources to government agencies interested in working within a virtual environment.

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Project Update

Since launching GovGrid many months ago, our MuniGov group has been slowly working on building it into a resource for government. One of our primary goals has been creating content that can freely be shared. We've always felt having a library of 3D content would make it easier for an agency to create a virtual build or space. And over the last few months, we've been able to slowly release some content under a Creative Commons license for this purpose. As our builds develop, we will continue to create and release into the community components of our own virtual builds. For now, you can find this free content in our online store at or on the OpenSim-Creations website.City Hall Building in GovGrid

We have two other projects in the works, one is the creation of V-Town, a virtual town with public buildings commonly found in a city. This is important to create because once complete, it can provide the type of common 3D content most cities would need. Cities could also modify this content for their own use.

The other project is to create a 3D visualization of the ADA Tool Kit for Local Government. Compliance with ADA has at times been a struggle for many local communities. Even though the law was passed more than 20 years ago, there is still much confusion over its requirements. We thought creating the guidance in 3D could help build understanding. 

City Hall Adminstration Office in GovGrid

As always, we are interested in meeting others using 3D immersive technology and invite anyone with an interest in virtual worlds to come to our regular meetings. We're also always looking for others who want to get involved in any way. You can check out our meeting schedule on our MuniGov site: