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MuniGov Estate Strategic Plan

 MuniGov Estate Strategic Plan 2012-2013


The MuniGov Estate in MOSES promotes and supports the use of virtual environments within local government agencies by offering information, training, resources, and guidance regarding the use of virtual world technology in local government.


Goals and Action Items

1. Support the MOSES community

  • Assist in development of a community plan
  • Participate in publication of the MOSES newsletter
  • Participate in the development of community challenges within MOSES 


2. Prepare and offer online an informational brochure about virtual worlds and how 3D immersive technology can be leveraged by local government.
This brochure will highlight how virtual worlds have been used by government agencies, offer information about how to get started using this technology, and provide links to additional resources and information.

3. Create a Virtual Worlds in Local Government 101 Certificate program
This program will introduce virtual worlds to people working within government and offer them an opportunity to build their knowledge base and skills in using the technology. To accomplish this task, this program willl offer tutorials, incorporate the MOSES community challenge program, provide educational tours of builds within MOSES, and encourage participation and collaboration in the MOSES community

4. Develop a new build on the MuniGov Estate to support the Strategic Plan goals
A new build will be created on the MuniGov Estate in MOSES to offer spaces for learning, collaboration, creation, and resource distribution.